Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

The Pharmaceutical Manufacturing industry aims to ensure that the medications they create not only meet the intended use of that medication, but also that it is safe for those taking the medication. GxP quality guidelines were developed so that manufacturers in this regulated industry achieve this aim. GxP requirements mandate that pharmaceutical companies utilize software

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Predictive Quality

Predictive Quality Control Quality control is a goal worth pursuing in any process—manufacturing, customer service, accounting, sales, etc.—that can benefit from a proactive methodology. In any manufacturing process, for instance, it is important to make sure your end product meets specifications. However, rather than fix problems only after they have negatively impacted production, it is

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Fraud Detection

Growing competition and economic difficulties are placing increased pressures on insurance companies to control cost and prevent losses proactively. Fraudulent claims are a major contributor to losses in this industry, and most insurance companies are seeking advanced predictive analytics to detect and mitigate fraud before it happens. StatSoft provides a comprehensive Fraud Detection Solution that

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Patient Safety

STATISTICA Solution for Efficient Patient Management and Safety In the rapidly developing field of healthcare that constantly undergoes structural, economic, and legislative changes, hospitals, health plan providers, insurers, and medical professionals on all levels work to improve current processes, reduce risks and costs, and increase quality. In this process a lot of data is being

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Risk Management

Financial Services companies face the challenging task of making credit decisions in a complex and uncertain environment. Decisions regarding credit limits and approvals must be compliant with regulatory and policy rules, reflect known segmentation (rules) among products and customers, and incorporate standard as well as advanced and emerging predictive risk modeling techniques, such as text

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Process Optimization

The Oil and Gas industry operates with involved processes in all stages from well construction to production of the final product. Finding an optimal operational setting at each step is key to cutting operational expenses and final product quality improvement. Each step from geological surveys to production is accompanied by the collection of huge amount

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Predictive Analytics

Most companies across various domains now have the ability to collect a lot of structured as well as unstructured information. But the true value resides in converting all this information into knowledge by collecting useful insights and actionable outcomes based on validated repeatable patterns and relationships in the data.

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